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Business Coach for Birth Professionals

You want to help mothers have great births...

I'm here to help you do that!

Who Needs You Most

Understand who needs you most and how to engage with them to provide them your best service.​

How to Reach Out

Learn the best (and worst) ways to reach out to potential clients and how to interact in easy, comfortable ways.​

Focus On What You Love​

Get a steady stream of clients so that you can focus on providing the service you love and be your best self.

If you want to serve more people, first you need to know
who really needs you most...

Most doula training programs leave you hanging when it comes to finding clients.
One of the first questions I ask my clients is “What are you doing now to get clients?”

It breaks my heart to hear doulas tell me that they dropped off business cards and brochures in all the OB and Midwifery offices around town, and they created a Facebook page – but it’s just not working!
They talk to anyone who’ll listen about how amazing birth can be with a doula, but they get so few referrals.

I even had one doula tell me she might change her title to “Don’t-la” because she hasn’t attended a birth in so long.
I wanted to cry for her.

Sound familiar?  What if it could be different? 

What if you could be booking all the new clients you want to serve, and it felt as natural as chatting with your best friend?

Learn How To Market Your Services Easily & Efficiently

Achieve Clarity

Imagine if you had clarity on who you most want to serve and who most needs you.​
I can help you find real clarity about who you want to serve and who needs you most. Click below for the free workbook.
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Market Yourself Easily

Imagine that all the marketing stuff became as easy as chatting with your best friend.
I have helped many birth professionals know how to market themselves easily and effectively.
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Clients & Referrals

Imagine that the people who need you most were calling you and referring you​.
Referrals are always the best and when you are matched to your clients in the best way, the referrals start pouring in.
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Success is not optional. You owe it to yourself and the people you serve.


Why Choose Birth Your Biz?

catching-a-flying-toddler-Ayelet Schwell

There are lots of business coaches out there who have birth professionals as clients.

There are lots of birth professionals teaching business strategy.

I’m one of them, and just like when choosing a doula, there are people who need me and there are people that need someone else to be their guide and support person as they grow their birth business.

One thing that I have is a background in both birth and healing, as well as in business and marketing.

I’ve been running my own business for nearly 20 years. I’ve also worked in marketing for other small businesses. And I trained with one of the top multi-million dollar business coaches.

But I’ve also got my feet firmly planted in the birth world. I’ve been supporting mothers for over 15 years.
And I’ve given birth 6 times – each one in a different city, with a different birth team, and completely different circumstances!

But that’s not why you should work with me.

Choose to work with me because you like my raw, practical, soulful, balanced, colorful style.

Choose to work with me because you have listened to some of my training material and you liked it. It resonates with you, and you’ve had an aha moment, or a breakthrough, or really great results from what I’ve shared.

Choose to work with me because you know you have everything you need to build and grow your business on your own – just like our clients have everything they need to give birth on their own – but you know how much better, less frustrating, more powerful you could be with the support of someone who believes in you cheering you on, giving you resources, holding your hand when you need it, because I’ve walked this path before you and I’m here to help make your journey just that much smoother.

I’m here to help those who need me most, you know who you are! And I love you for it!