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autonomy, dignity, and respect

Your birth, your body, your baby, your family. that order

So many choices...

It can be overwhelming to sort through your past experiences, your friends’ stories, the internet – how do you know what’s right for you? For this birth?

Get the best care

I’m here for you for every questions, concern, challenge.  Knowing your preferences and priorities helps me guide you to bake the best choices for your care.

When you want this time to be different...

Feelings and triggers from previous birth experiences can surface during pregnancy and birth if you don’t work through them.

Birthing Our Stories processing can help you come to this birth healthy, whole and ready for a new and positive experience this time around



Ayelet Schwell

My own birthing experiences led me to realize that supporting others to have the best birth care was my calling. Protecting your autonomy and guiding you to build a vision for a positive birth, no matter the circumstances, and to build a team you can trust became my guiding purpose. To me it's birth is about knowing the physiological process, and then working within your preferences and circumstances to make sure that you are always at the center of your birth experience - with autonomy, dignity and respect from your team.
When I'm not at a birth, you can find me in the fresh air enjoying a hike with my family, or in my pj's with a huge cup of coffee and some homemade muffins!

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