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If you want to serve more people, first you need to know

Who needs you most

Most doula training programs leave you hanging when it comes to finding clients.
One of the first questions I ask my clients is “What are you doing now to get clients?”

It breaks my heart to hear doulas tell me that they dropped off business cards and brochures in all the OB and Midwifery offices around town, and they created a Facebook page – but it’s just not working!
They talk to anyone who’ll listen about how amazing birth can be with a doula, but they get so few referrals.

I even had one doula tell me she might change her title to “Don’t-la” because she hasn’t attended a birth in so long.
I wanted to cry for her.

Sound familiar?
What if it could be different? 
What if you could be booking all the new clients you want to serve, and it felt as natural as chatting with your best friend?

  • Imagine if you got so clear about who you wanted to serve that all the marketing stuff became as easy as chatting with your best friend…
  • Imagine if you knew just what to say, what to post, who to connect with so that the people who need you most were calling you and referring you… Sounds great, doesn’t it?

I made a really cool interactive worksheet just for you, it shouldn’t take you more than thirty minutes to fill out. 

And it’s going to help you find out who needs you most, and get to know them so well, that marketing feels like you’re chatting with your best friend!

And then at the end, there’s even a bonus training video that I recorded to help you take all that information and put it into action right now to start serving more mothers!

Click the button to start the worksheet! (and don’t worry, if you can’t do it right now, click anyway, you’ll get a link to your email so you can go back to it later, or download the PDF version. Who takes care of you?! 😉 )